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Tommy's Diesel Shop and Heavy Towing

I always look forward to the blogs we receive. No matter if you are a small or large company, we all face the same legal issues and have the same legal questions. is a great way to get legal feedback from the greatest lawyers in our industry. Thank you Michael, Nick and

-Ryan M. Kegley

Highly recommend to anyone in our industry.

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I would highly recommend this website to anyone in the towing industry. A tool of this magnitude has been needed in this industry for a long time.

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Within 48 hours of joining TowLawyer, I had received enough information through the “talk to a towlawyer” feature and forms to more than pay for the subscription fee.

Bill's Towing and Auto Repair, Lodi, Wisconsin

Easy-to-access and user-friendly resource for towing companys. With over 50 years of towing industry experience, McGovern and Porto know towing law and regulation. saves owners time and reduces legal fees.

Clarissa Powell, Publisher of Tow Times Magazine

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  • Personal Items Auction Car

Disposal of Unclaimed Personal Items in am Auction Vehicle

July 12th, 2021|0 Comments

Towing companies engaged in law enforcement towing, private property impoundment, or any other type of towing that results in the impoundment of vehicles, should be familiar with the towing lien laws in their respective states.  A lien law allows a towing company to maintain possession of an impounded vehicle until the towing and storage fees are paid. The lien law also sets forth the procedure for disposing of an unclaimed vehicle.  Typically, if a vehicle is not claimed, the towing company can sell the vehicle at auction to recoup those fees (or at least part of them). But what do you do with the personal items in an unclaimed vehicle that is going to auction or the crusher?  

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  • MCS-90 Endorsement

The MCS-90 Endorsement: To Sue Or Not To Sue?

June 8th, 2021|0 Comments

Does this sound familiar?  A semi-truck and trailer are involved in an accident.  Local law enforcement calls your tow company to perform the towing and recovery.  Your tow company spends all night working and cleaning up the highway.  A few months later, the towing and recovery bill remains unpaid.  What to do now?

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  • Towing In The National Parks

Towing In The National Parks

April 28th, 2021|0 Comments

Summertime is rapidly approaching. That means hundreds of thousands of tourists will be descending upon the 63 beautiful national parks located across the nation. In addition to the national parks, there are 360 other areas in the national park system, including national monuments, parkways, battlefields, historic sites, and recreation areas. Most of those tourists will be traveling by car or RV, and many of those vehicles will suffer breakdowns or accidents while in one of the many park areas.  

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