Down Time Claims: How to Get Paid

I would say of all the work I do for tow companies, down time claims are the ones that get tow companies the most fired up. The scenario goes like this: a tow company’s vehicle is hit in an accident and is out of commission for a few weeks. In addition to the damages to the actual tow truck, the tow company also submits a claim for the revenues the truck would have generated had it not been out of commission. This is the “down time.”

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Find The Right Lawyer

Not too long ago I was hired by a tow company that had recently spent thousands of dollars on another lawyer whom the tow company hired to try and get them on a law enforcement tow rotation. The other lawyer was a general business lawyer without any experience representing tow companies. The other lawyer wrote the law enforcement agency a long (and expensive) letter threatening all sorts of things if the law enforcement agency did not promptly allow the tow company on the tow rotation.

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How To Recover Property Damage Claims

I bet I get at least one call a week from a tower wanting help on recovering a “property damage” claim. The term “property damage claim” means different things to different people. It could be a tow truck getting hit and damaged. It could be someone running into a building. However, when I think property damage in the context of a towing claim, I think about the scenario where there has been a motor vehicle accident and a third party’s “property” has been damaged.

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