Recovery Property Damage Claims on Public Property

This might be the most common case where a tow company is likely to get “stiffed” on their tow bill. In other blogs, we’ve covered the situation where there is property damage to a privately owned house or property. The tow company should get an assignment from the property owner. An assignment helps the tow company “stand in the shoes” of the damaged property owner, which can help them collect their bill on a liability only claim.

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Reflections from the Florida Tow Show: We Can Help You Get Paid

At our “Lawyers Tips For Getting Tow Bills Paid” presentation at the 2016 Florida Tow Show, we were fortunate to speak to packed houses on two occasions, which allowed us to meet and listen to tow companies from across the United States. We heard a common complaint: tow companies are being beaten down by insurance companies and consumers who simply don’t want to pay tow bills. We also heard from a great many tow companies that there are very few people who either can or will help tow companies. Well we can and we will!

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