Contract Cancellation Clauses

A subscriber called me last week about a serious problem with a local municipality. About a year ago, he won the bid contract to provide the city towing services. Recently, however, an insurance company complained about the amount of a tow bill that it had paid for a city-ordered tow. The city recommended that the tow operator refund part of the bill. The tow operator – who felt that his invoice was fair and in compliance with the contract – refused to pay the city’s recommended refund. A few days later, he received a letter from the city manager advising that his towing contract, which still had over two years left on it, was being cancelled in thirty (30) days. That is why he contacted me through the “Talk to a Tow Lawyer” feature on the website.

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Making the Employee Pay for Damage to Company Property

The tow business involves expensive equipment and employees that are compensated to operate it. A tow company’s profit margin is dramatically affected by how well this equipment operates. It might make “sense” that a tow company should be able to charge its employees for damage they cause to company property. Unfortunately, these is not always a place for “sense” in the law and, as a result, often times a company charging an employee for damages to company property is illegal.

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