Impound Lot Freeloader is “Employee” under Worker’s Compensation Law

As a general rule, towing businesses are required by law to pay for the medical treatment and lost wages of employees who suffer work-related injuries, without regard to fault. In order to avoid potentially crippling expenses in that regard, all fifty states require companies with a certain minimum number of employees to purchase workers’ compensation insurance or be adequately self-insured. The minimum number of employees varies from state to state but, typically, the number is between three and ten. Once that threshold number of employees is met, then workers compensation insurance must be obtained by the employer.

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Recovered Stolen Vehicles: Tow for Free?

No doubt, having a vehicle stolen can be a very unpleasant experience, especially if the owner of the vehicle is uninsured for theft loss. With luck, the stolen vehicle will be found undamaged by a police agency. The vehicle is then towed to the secure impound lot of the police contracted towing company. The uninsured owner is notified. Happy day! The owner hurries to the towing yard to retrieve their vehicle, but — wait — there is a $700 bill for towing and storage fees. The vehicle owner cries, “But I am the victim of the theft! I shouldn’t have to pay.”

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