Body Cameras: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Towing is a contentious industry. Often, the nature of the job places tow drivers in a precarious position with exposure to a wide variety of claims. To respond to these risks, some of my tow company clients have considered requiring drivers to wear body cameras. Body cameras, like anything, have their pro’s and con’s. Here are a few things that tow companies should consider when evaluating.

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Do You Have a Safety Manual? If Not, You Should!

We have written much in these blogs about the need for a quality employment manual. Now it’s time to devote some time to an equally important manual: the safety manual. The safety manual is just what it sounds like: it’s a comprehensive source of safety policies that your company requires. For the security of your company and drivers, a safety manual is a must. It tells your drivers how to correctly, and safely, do their jobs. However, from a financial perspective, a safety manual can also save you money. This is because in the modern climate of skyrocketing insurance rates, most reputable insurance companies will require your company to have a safety manual before they will issue you a competitive rate.

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Keeping Your Insurance Rates as Low as Possible

In recent years, the costs of towing liability insurance have skyrocketed. The insurance companies have offered several different reasons for this unprecedented escalation. I’ve heard it’s because the costs of automobile liability insurance, in general, has risen. More drivers on the road means more accidents, which means higher insurance for everyone, including the tow industry. Others have attributed the increase to several major insurance companies pulling out of the market. Less insurers means increased costs for those that remain. Finally, some insurance companies have said that towing is simply too risky to insure. Towing is expensive and dangerous.

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