The Pitfalls of Social Media

At the 2016 Tennessee Tow Show, Mike McGovern and I were asked to lead a discussion on the dangers of the use of social media in the tow world. We published a brief blog about this concept shortly thereafter. However, as the use of social media becomes more prevalent, it is wise to revisit this quickly developing legal issue.

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Be Careful What You Tow

In January, 2017, a 67 year old Kansas City man was killed when a wheel broke loose from a vehicle that was being towed and struck the windshield of the vehicle he was driving. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a part from a towed vehicle to break loose and cause damage to another vehicle or person on the roadway.

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Beware of the Spotter

A popular, dense population with too many cars and not enough parking is the perfect recipe for private property towing.  Sometimes there’s another individual lurking in the shadows, the spotter. A spotter is loosely defined as an individual monitoring the parking lot who immediately calls the tow company to report an illegally parked vehicle.

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