Dealing with the Good Old Boy Tow Rotation

The good old boy “tow rotation” goes something like this.  The law enforcement agency or municipality has a police chief that has been place in for years. During these years, the Chief has used the same tow company for police towing.  There is no written rotation.  The only policy, so to speak, is the Chief uses his old buddy for towing and if you’re not his buddy, you’re probably not getting the tows.

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Lawyers Looking for Wage and Hour Cases Against Tow Companies

For the few years, the lawyers at this website have been cautioning tow companies to make sure that their wage payment practices are in check because the consequences of failing to do so can be devastating.  Lawyers that are looking to sue tow companies for these violations are also aware of this fact.  Some lawyers that are particularly enthused about suing tow companies have actually been advertising looking for these types of cases.  Don’t believe me? 

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