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Welcome to TowLawyer.com, the one-stop shop where you’ll find answers to your towing and recovery legal questions and concerns. TowLawyer.com is the brainchild of Michael McGovern of The McGovern Law Firm and Nicholas Porto of Porto Law Firm – two of the most experienced lawyers handling towing and recovery legal issues in the U.S.

Did you know that the regular use of competent legal advice might help you avoid unnecessary expense and trouble? It may also increase your bottom line. For instance, a lawyer with experience handling towing contracts may suggest changes that are financially favorable to your towing company.

The nature of the towing industry creates many unique legal issues – like holdings, collections, nonconsensual towing, and federal and state labor laws, to name a few.
In the normal course of business it’s not a matter of if but when a towing company will face legal challenges. That’s where TowLawyer.com comes in. For a reasonable monthly or annual subscription fee, subscribers to TowLawyer.com can:

  • Legal Expertise: Attorneys experienced in towing-specific law
  • Personal Consultation: Up to one hour personal phone time with TowLawyer.com attorney
  • Forms Library: Free access to eady-to-use legal forms specific for towing companies
  • Legal Articles: Free access to towing-related legal articles via the Library
  • Blog: Access to weekly blogs pertaining to legal issues in the towing industry
  • State Laws: E-book with towing laws specific to your state
  • Forums: Member forums specific to the towing industry are moderated by our attorneys
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