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    I have researched this issue and so far I have found that an employer can track a driver’s company cell and personal cell GPS used for business purposes. But below Allstate motor club is requesting to track our driver’s personal cell phones through their GPS and to me this would be a release of personal information to a third party which I think could be Illegal. Any comments?

    As you are aware digital compliance is a major focus not only for ARS but our major partners as they look for over 85% end to end digital trace for their customers. Accepting and completed digitally are only two parts of the digital trace required to be complaint, each driver must properly status themselves throughout the rescue:

    Each driver must have GPS enabled (not for the truck but for the device they used to accept the offer)
    Each driver accepts the offer digitally
    Each driver must place themselves enroute to the disablement
    Each driver must place themselves Onsite when they arrive
    Complete the offer when the service is done.

    It all begins with having GPS enabled in their phone/tablet/device, then completing the enroute & onsite status. We need you to work with your drivers now that the volume is low and ensure they are following the process 100% so when the volume increases you will continue at 100%. Many of our partners have demanded digital trace information reported back to them and only want high performing digital providers servicing their customers.

    Michael McGovern
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    Dave, that is a good question and one that comes up frequently these days.  The answer varies from state to state.  What state are you in?

    Michael McGovern, TowLawyer

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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